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How long will it take to clean my paving?

It’s hard to say as every job is different in terms of how long it will take. Some factors that determine how long it will take are how good is your drainage/soakaway, also your outside tap water flow rate will play a major part in the time it takes. Most jobs are cleaned in a day and block paving re-sands normally require a 2nd visit depending on the time of year and temperature. Also any sealant or coating jobs require a 2nd visit as the surface needs to be dry to apply them.

How much will it cost to clean my paving/decking/gutters?

This is probably the most asked question and it’s a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. Until we come out to do a quote the honest answer is we don’t know what the cost will be. In some cases we can use Google Street view or Google Earth to measure up remotely and give you a price but we normally like to come out and meet you so we can introduce ourselves to you, give you our business card, measure up, assess the drainage points and water flow rate in order to give you an accurate quote.

How do I pay you?

Once the job is finished and you are happy with the results we will email you an invoice with our banks details on it, we accept cash, bank transfers and cheques. Please not on all sealant, coating and decking oiling jobs we asked for a 50% deposit after the surface has been cleaned to allow us to buy in the products as we don’t keep stock of them.

Do I need to be around while you do the work?

No as long as the outside water supply is turned on (we sometimes need access to a power supply especially for gutter cleaning) and the area to be cleaned is clear of vehicles, furniture, plant pots etc we can do the work without you being there.

What does the cleaning process involve?

Depending on what work you are having done will depend on the process used. For gutter cleaning we use a carbon fibre pole system which is powered by a powerful vacuum cleaner to vacuum out the insides of the guttering. For all flat surface cleaning jobs we use an industrial petrol powered Honda pressure washer, various flat surface cleaning machine and lances to do the best job possible. We have various videos of us working on our You Tube channel to give you an idea of what’s involved, you can view these here.

Can oil, fuel, hydraulic fluids, builders mess (cement/concrete) and paint stains be removed?

It will depend on the surface they are on as some surfaces are less forgiving than other, for instance oil, fuel, hydraulic fluid on tarmac will permanently stain it regardless of how long it has been on the surface, the surface would need to be treating with an remover specific for tarmac, cleaned and coated with a special tarmac paint to hide the stain (you can view a video on us doing this to a tarmac driveway on our You Tube channel.

Normally stains on other surfaces can be removed or if not certainly improved upon. We source the right chemicals for the job to get the best results this is why a few of the local car dealerships use our service.

What happens if the joints on my paving are broken and loose?

We get this a lot especially after winter where the joints in natural stone and flagstones break up. The joints won’t last forever and winter temperature don’t help. If water gets into them and freezes it expands and “blows the joints” out so gravity is the only thing holding them in place.

If the joints are loose and/or damage they will come out as part of the cleaning process as it can’t be avoid. We will advise you of this prior to proceeding with the work and get your approval to proceed.

We DO NOT fix or redo the joints as this is specialist job and we recommend you instruct a builder/experienced handyman or paving installer to do this for you at your expense.

Can I walk/drive on the surface after its been cleaned?

Yes as long as your shoes & tyres are clean… ha ha. After your surface/s have been cleaned yes you can walk, drive, park the car on them. The only time we advise you to avoid this for a few hours is when we oil decking, seal paving or coat tarmac but we will discuss this with you as part of the job.

How often should I have my external hard surfaces or gutters cleaned?

This various from customer to customer. With gutters we would advise having these cleaned out annual especially if you have trees near to your property as every autumn they will collect the leaves. For paving and decking a lot of our customers are on annual maintenance cleans while other are every two to three years it depends on budgets, how the paving weathers or how slippery it has become.

Are you insured?

Yes we hold a public liability insurance policy for £5 million pounds

Will pressure cleaning damage my surfaces?

If done correctly no it won’t damage your paving. We have over 13 years experience in the cleaning and maintaining of external hard surfaces so we know what we are doing. We train our staff so they know how to deal with each different surface and to avoid damaging it as this is the last thing that we want. As mentioned previously if the surface is already damage we will accept no responsibility this may show up during or after pressure washing.